We have a large amount of software installed on both ARC3 and ARC4. These are available through the module system which allows users to load the specific software they need for their work.

On both ARC3 and ARC4 software is broken up into 4 categories:

Searching installed modules#

A list of installed modules can be seen on both arc3 and arc4 by running the comman:

module avail

In order to search for specific modules a combination of the module and grep commands can be used:

module -l avail |& grep name_of_module

Where name_of_module is the name of the module you wish to load

Module system#

A large number of applications are available through the module system and can be loaded with the module add command:

module add name_of_module

By default this will load the latest (highest version number) of the software available. To use a specific version number, you should explicitly state this in the module statement, so to use AMBER v12, specify:

module add amber/12

To see a full list of the available modules use:

module avail

You can also find the modules you currently have loaded with the module command list, for instance:

module list


Loaded modules are specific to a given login session of your shell. This means you’ll find modules you’ve loaded previously are not automatically loaded when you next login. You can automatically load a module when you login by adding the module add name_of_module line to bottom of your ~/.bashrc.

You can also remove modules with the remove command, in this example name_of_module is the name of the module we wish to remove:

module remove name_of_module

Sometimes we want to switch a loaded module for another, for instance we might want to swap the automatically loaded intel compiler for a gnu compiler. We can do this with the switch command:

module switch intel gnu/6.3.0

If you require additional software or applications installing, please contact us. However, we do not install all software as modules and may provide you guidance about how to install your desired application yourself.